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Flat Roofs

Rubberbond provides a superior flat roofing system

The RubberBond EPDM roofing system incorporates a range of adhesives to overcome virtually any substrate and temperature variation. Perimeter and upstand areas are catered for by using a RubberBond Bonding Adhesives allowing for fast perimeter installation and detailing. The fleece backing gives yourself superior wind uplift resistance and bond strength due to the excellent strength achieved between the adhesive and the fleece layer.

The exceptional strength, ageing resistance and waterproofing characteristics of EPDM, with the added tough, reinforcing fleece backing provides a superior flat roofing system.

Installation can take place on a variety of deck surfaces resulting in a system suitable for overlayment of existing surfaces, roof renovation, new projects, domestic roofing or industrial installation.

Unlike most traditional waterproofing membranes, RubberBond is completely resistant to temperature variations, weather and UV radiation.

Our EPDM roofs, installed in one piece will never split, EPDM roofs are guaranteed against leakage for 20 years. We use both Rubberbond EPDM and Liquid Rubber Systems

Three layer felt System

R.W Roofing Services also provides a three-layer felt system. This is the most traditional and durable product on the market.

This system can be applied to new or existing boards (depending on board quality), we use a naked flame which is sealed with a bitumen back membrane. We only use the highest quality products on the market such as Betagum and Techno-Torch.

The final layer is a smooth mineral system (no stone chippings) this means water will evaporate at a quicker pace and not hold moisture. Downpipe and gutters will remain clear.

All three layer felt systems come with a 20-year guarantee.

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